Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

First thing's first - it's been entirely too long since I've posted!  But I do have a reason.  My reason is... I've been waiting on my brand spankin new blog template that I ordered, and for some reason it is taking longer than expected.  So, what have I been doing?  Well, I spend the majority of my time in class, summarizing articles on education, studying for Praxis test(s), running, and doing all of this over and over again.  But I became inspired last week - by the weather and the fact that I have yet to put my closet in an order in which I'm satisfied.  All girls know that organized closets bring peace and joy to life. 

On my way home from class last week, I was feeling kinda skippy, so I stopped by Target.  I walked out with the following:
1.  A 9-cube, 3-story white shelf with three cloth baskets that are inserted in the three middle cubes (2 brown, one green)
2.  Two plastic white cubes that sit on top of each other with one brown basket and one green and white basket that fit into the cubes
3.  160 white, plastic hangers
4.  An organizer divided into 3 sections for my jewelry
5.  And a Diet Coke

Always a Diet Coke.  My sweet roommate helped me put together the cubicle shelves and they sat in the middle of my room surrounded by large, red and white Target bags full of plastic hangers and baskets for three days.  #Annoying.  Due to my schedule, I didn't think I'd have time to even begin this project until Sunday, but against my better judgement (or best judgement), I skipped my Thursday night run, and opted for spring cleaning. 

After making dinner, washing two loads of laundry, and watching part of American Idol, I decided it was time to get to work.  I began with the "cleaning out".  Seven garbage bags later labeled "Good Will", and I was finally read to move my new shelves into the closet. 

I then finished arranging my closet to my liking by rearranging clothes by season and color.  And one-by-one, placing each clothing article on a new, white plastic hanger (angels sing).

After much debate between small purses, belts, scarves, socks, and bathing suits, I decided it would be best to actually see my belts and scarves vs them hiding in a trunk on the opposite side of my room.  So they found a new home in the two-tiered plastic cubes and cute baskets.

My next move was to reorganzie my jewelry and place it on top of my new white shelves.  Wah-la.

My closet is very narrow, so it was impossible to get full shots of anything.  But this next picture is the best I could do.  Please pardon the quality of pictures also.  My camera is dead (sign of my blogging sabatical) so all pictures were taken with my iphone.  And no, I have not updated to the iphone 4.  I am not an anxiety ridden Apple technology upgrader. 

Finally my hands met as if "my work is done here," and I climbed into my comfortable bed at 12:15 a.m., said goodnight to the world and my new and improved closet and closed my eyes.

Peace to all - go spring clean!


  1. Looks good CA! Looks like my OCDs got in there and did that! :)

  2. You have your Ming cabinet in your CLOSET?!?! Nice closet furniture!!! haha

  3. Well, it's the only place I have room now! It will be displayed prominently whenever I have an apartment bigger than a shoebox.


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