Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Childhood Memories

The trend on Twitter today is #childhoodmemories.  The result of my reminiscing...
  1. Slam books
  2. Friendship bracelets
  3. Buying fabric for my mom to sew multiples
  4. Crimp iron
  5. Keds
  6. T-ball shirt sleeves tied with large bows
  7. Big league chew gum
  8. Placing pennies on the railroad tracks to watch the train smash them
  9. Digging bike ramps and naming them
  10. Three wheeler rides through the cemetery
  11. Making up rap songs
  12. Messing with my brother's legos
  13. Buying our Nintendo and being astonished that it cost $99
  14. Dominoes games with Aunt Margaret
  15. Finding out I had a hernia when giving my best friend a piggy back ride
  16. Smell of Nanny's spaghetti sauce
  17. Pulling the trampoline beside the pool to jump in (totally safe right?)
  18. Telling my cousin that Icy Hot would make her sore better
  19. Skate City on Friday nights playing snowball
  20. Bright blue snow cones
  21. My tree house covered in Mississippi State logos and maroon and white paint
  22. Rutherford, my 4 foot stuffed rabbit
  23. Christmas Eve with my huge Italian family 
  24. Riding two people on a bike while the back person tickled the front person until she fell off
  25. Candy necklaces
I could go on and on.....but I should probably go back to work!

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