Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Year, New Mission

So I've been inspired.  By Pioneer Woman.  A woman I just found last week.  A woman whose blog is everything I ever imagined mine to be (and is totally not).  She has my life.  I want it back!  Just kidding, I wish. But this brings me to contemplation.  The same contemplation I felt when creating my blog.  What to name it, what it should be about, what do I even have to say?  Which I always have a lot to say.  Just ask my friends about my looooong stories and the countless times they have said, "Ok, Clare, get to it."  I vowed to keep my blog to one subject, cooking.  And now I've turned into a major slacker, and for lack of better words, blah.

Sooooo...for the same reason I did not title my blog anything cooking related, in case I had this euphoric moment of wanting my blog to be more than it is (which would not be hard since no one knows about it or cares), I am going to write about anything and everything that comes to my little head.  It may include cooking, or it may be ramblings of a subject you could care less about.  And no one may ever read it, which is completely fine because I often have writers remorse, or posters remorse.  I can't count the times I've posted something on facebook or twitter, only to delete it manically two hours later.  I change my mind a lot.  And I may even delete this post in a few days. Who knows? But really, who cares because Pioneer Woman I am not.  But Pioneer Woman has single handedly inspired me.

To a new year of blogging and inspiration!  (when it begins in 17 days because I have a lot of shopping and sleeping to do)


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